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Students are expected to read and understand all safety policies.

Generally students are not permitted to work alone in the labs at any time. Any special circumstances must follow an agreement for periodic supervision of the student by the course director and or a teaching assistant if so designated by the course director.

Please read the yellow safety sheets posted in the labs. They are located near doors and or telephones. Each lab is equipped with a telephone for emergencies.

Be advised that there are several potential sources of electrical shock hazard. Exercise extreme care when handling any and all electrical equipment. Never attempt to open or repair any piece of equipment. Be on the lookout for any malfunctioning equipment or cabling that has come loose from daily usage. Please report these malfunctions immediately to the Lab Technologist or the Course Director.

When operating lasers use extreme care to avoid any direct exposure to the eye. You may not notice the damage until it is too late. Suitable goggles are available and can be obtained from the Lab Technologist in Room 122.

Immediately report any accidents to the Course Director, Lab Technologist,or the main office, PS128.

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