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PHYS 4061/5061: Experimental Techniques in Laser Physics

Involves a selection of experiments in laser physics, with emphasis on techniques necessary for trapping neutral atoms with lasers. One lecture hour and one tutorial hour and two three hour laboratory sessions per week. Integrated with: GS/PHYS 5061 3.00.

Students taking this course can expect to use state of the art equipment and gain a working knowledge of conventional experimental techniques in atomic physics and laser spectroscopy. This background should be adequate preparation for working in research laboratories in related fields and industry related to photonics.


  • SC/PHYS 2211 1.00 and SC/PHYS 2212 1.00, or SC/PHYS 2213 3.00
  • SC/PHYS 2020 3.00
  • SC/PHYS 2060 3.00


  • SC/PHYS 3040 6.00.