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PHYS 4210 & 4211 3.0

Selected advanced experiments in physics related to topics in solid state physics, atomic spectroscopy, microwaves, low-noise measurements, superconductivity, and nuclear and particle physics. Prerequisites: SC/PHYS 3220 3.00; registration in a Bachelor or Honours Program in physics and astronomy or in biophysics. Co-requisite: SC/PHYS 3040 6.00.

See the course eClass for all administrative details.

Laboratory Manual

IMPORTANT NOTE: Winter 2021 PHYS 4211 Lab Scheduling procedures will be announced via the Moodle eClass course website prior to the beginning of term.

List of Available Experiments

Experiments with an asterisk (*) are better suited for PHYS 4211 students.

Digital Storage Oscilloscope 150 PSE
Radioactive Decays 111 PSE
Muon Lifetime 111 PSE
Waveguides* 111 PSE
Mass Spectrometer 108 PSECurrently Not Available
Viscosity 150 PSE
He-Ne Lasers* 150 PSE
Zeeman Effect* 108 PSECurrently Not Available
The Franck-Hertz Experiment - Excitation Potentials of Mercury and Neon 126 PSE
Electron Spin Resonance 126 PSE
Coaxial Cable 126 PSE
High-TC Superconductivity* 126 PSE
Fourier Optics* 126 PSE
Rutherford Scattering II 111 PSE
Rutherford Scattering I 111 PSE
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy* 111 PSE