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PHYS 4210/11 3.0 Advanced Experimental Physics I/II

Selected advanced experiments in physics related to topics in solid state physics, atomic spectroscopy, microwaves, low-noise measurements, superconductivity, and nuclear and particle physics.

See the course Moodle Site for all adminstrative details.

Laboratory Manual

To sign up for an experiment : Experiment Sign-up

Your username is your student number, and the password is studentnumberLastname (note the capitalization of the first letter of your last name).

Please submit a request to sign-up at least 24 hours before the time you wish to perform the lab. You will receive an email confirmation from the responsible TA confirming the time and date. Please show up prepared for the demo, and on time!

List of Experiments

Rutherford Scattering II 111 PSE
Coaxial Cable 126 PSE
Waveguides 123 PSE
Optical Fibers 126 PSE
He-Ne Lasers 123 PSE
Fourier Optics 126 PSE
Zeeman Effect 123PSE
Mass Spectrometer 123 PSE
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy 111 PSE
Johnson Noise 126 PSE
Semiconductors II 111 PSE
Electron Spin Resonance 126 PSE
Sonoluminescence 126 PSE
Muon Lifetime 123 PSE
Bell's Inequalities 111 PSE

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